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Thread: blocked oil dipstick tube???

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    blocked oil dipstick tube???

    My son checked the oil on his 99 Cherokee and now the dipstick won't go back in. It hits a sudden stop where the tube goes into the block. We have tried every angle and it just stops dead every time. Can the tube be removed? It will twist but I'm unsure about trying to forcefully pull it up and out. Any advice is appreciated.

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    your worst nightmare
    try twisting dipstick when putting it back in !
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    How old is your son? Better check your other vehicles to make sure they still have their dipsticks. I'm betting its too long. Place it along side of the tube as it would fit. See if its beyond the pan itself.
    If not that, pull the oil pan, blow down the dipstick tube, and see what debri pops out.

    If you can't figure this out externally, you'll be dropping the pan.

    Or just blow pressurized air down now. Open the valve cover oil fill cap. Then empty the oil and see what drains out.
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    He's 25... you can measure how far it goes in and it stops at the block... I tried rotating it a little each time I inserted it but it just stops cold at the same depth every time. I'm puzzled.

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    So some what responsible at that age....lol.

    Have you tried to push/pull the dip stick itself.

    Only other thing I can think of is to pull the drain plug, take a light and shine down dipstick to see if it comes through, then opposite, putting light into plug hole and see if you can see it in the dip stick.

    I've had my oil pan off my 4cyl and there really is no interference as the tube does protrude into the pan itself.

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    I have done everything to that thing I can think of, lol. I didn't want to remove the oil pan, but oh well, I may have to.

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    May be your son block the passage accidentally that is why the dip stick can't be installed. In your cause you have not choice but to pull down the oil pan.

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