2017 Officer Nominations

Please goto the Facebook page or email to nominate someone not on this list!

Current Nominations as of 12pm Sept 20th
1)Environmentalist : Becca Lynn, Jeff Wilson
2)Public Relations : Kyle Keezer, Eric Gilbert Becca Lynn Paul McAfee
3)Safety: John Blue John Blacklidge, Boyd Mann Rob Henthorne Eric Gilbert
4)Event Coordinator: Kenneth Burns
5)Treasurer: Scott Mitchell
6) Secretary : Shelley Baker
7) Vice President: Boyd Mann , Tommy Sanders, Paul McAfee Kyle Keezer John Blacklidge
President : Tommy Sanders, Paul McAfee, John Blue John Blacklidge, Jim Spinner
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Jones Mudfest and Trails

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  • Jones Mudfest and Trails

    Went to Jones MnT this past weekend. Here's my stock belly skid.

    Just a little bent, twisted, crooked, scraped but it still works like it suppose to.

    Got a little tranny leak off the pan. Looks like a twig bent the lip to make it leak.


    Lnxa, KS

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    Where is this place? I've also got another stock skid plate cheap
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      Located outside of Lockwood, MO, 9 miles south of Lamar. Its a private land and family owned. They hold mudfest comps there 3-4 times a year and with over 600 hundred acres opened up to trails. Still needs come good cutting of the trails, but its a start. Brad Jones is the one to contact. Try FB for Jones Mudfest and add yourself.
      Ultimate Adventure hit this park along with KanRocks back in early July. Brad was on KanRocks board like I was.

      My belly skid has been hammered for over 6 yrs. I broke 3 recessed sleeves in the frame due to rust. It now moves on me. I plan to redo the underside with a flat belly, tcase doubler, LA 3-link front, and triangulated wishbone rear.
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      Lnxa, KS


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        That sounds like a sweet setup, I'll look into the FB thing...thanks


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          i was there on the quad for the aug/sept (if i recall) i did run into an xj on a tight trail that i helped get unstuck. he was a cool guy. i plan on hitting up lockwood next year in my xj!