2017 Officer Nominations

Please goto the Facebook page or email to nominate someone not on this list!

Current Nominations as of 12pm Sept 20th
1)Environmentalist : Becca Lynn, Jeff Wilson
2)Public Relations : Kyle Keezer, Eric Gilbert Becca Lynn Paul McAfee
3)Safety: John Blue John Blacklidge, Boyd Mann Rob Henthorne Eric Gilbert
4)Event Coordinator: Kenneth Burns
5)Treasurer: Scott Mitchell
6) Secretary : Shelley Baker
7) Vice President: Boyd Mann , Tommy Sanders, Paul McAfee Kyle Keezer John Blacklidge
President : Tommy Sanders, Paul McAfee, John Blue John Blacklidge, Jim Spinner
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Jeep Poem

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  • Jeep Poem

    I came across a forum sig that made me chuckle today....

    Beep! Beep!
    Sheep in a jeep on a hill that's steep. Uh-oh! The jeep won't go.
    Sheep leap to push the jeep. Sheep shove. Sheep grunt.
    Sheep don't think to look up front. Jeep goes splash. Jeep goes thud!
    Jeep goes deep in gooey mud.
    Sheep tug. Sheep shrug. Sheep yelp. Sheep get help.
    Jeep comes out. Sheep shout. Sheep cheer. Oh, dear!
    The driver sheep forgets to steer. Jeep in a heap.
    Sheep weep. Sheep sweep the heap.
    Jeep for sale - Cheap!

    Turns out it's a children's book

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    Slow day?

    Don't sweat the petty stuff, and don't pet the sweaty stuff.


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      Not really.. just going through all the signatures making sure there's no ads, off-site links, or anything else against the rules, and saw that one. Cracked me up.

      Trying not to be "personal" you know? Apply the rules to everyone and all.


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        That's Awesome!