KCJC Meeting & 2018 membership dues

Hi Everyone,

KCJC Meeting Reminder - Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month beside the month of December (No Meeting).

Looking forward to see you all at this next months KCJC meeting.

Our next monthly KC Jeep Club (KCJC) Meeting will be held at "604 W Linden Ave. Independence, MO 64050 Doors open at 6pm and the meeting starts at 7PM CST.

Just a quick reminder that the 2018 club membership dues are coming up soon, we can start taking them online or your welcome to pay at the KCJC meeting. We can take cash, checks and credit cards now.

Looking forward to see you all there!

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Starting up my first Jeep build

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    This humidity just killed my motivation to work today, but did some clean up and stripped down most of the axle, and just have to cut the mounts off.


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      Cut everything off of the axle today, and started to get things together to put in new axle seals all the way around. Then new parking brake shoes, the brake shoes and rotors look good and measure well withing spec. Hopefully I can get the rest of the seals thursday morning, and get the whole thing back together and ready to weld. Ordered up new shock mounts, and I am going to reuse the spring perches off the 8.8 and just relocate them. Also using the 8.8's parking brake setup since the junkyard cut off the jeep's parking brake tab.


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        Hopefully you are documenting your build with pictures so you can share them with us

        1997 Cherokee, 3", 32" MT's, and too many lights..

        Always Smilin'


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          Taking pics as I go, just have to sit down and get them posted. Still pretty much a frame and axles, with the motor sitting off to the side.


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            Came home from work this morning to some boxes outside my front door. The LS3 exhaust manifolds, the 6-5 bolt tail housing adapter from the transmission to the transfer case, and the torque converter bolts. Also picked up the axle seals for the 8.8 so I am going to work on that this morning and hopefully get it set into place today. Also planning on putting in the engine mounts too.


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              Long delay, but had some problems waiting on a few parts that UPS lost and then apparently found. Going to try and post some pics finally. Finally set the engine into place and connected the transmission and transfer case. I am surprised how short the rear drive shaft is going to be, and how long the front one will be. I have placed the engine according to Novak's recommendation, and had the scoot the engine back using the adjustment hole. This had to be done so the exhaust manifolds will clear the engine mount, which they do just barely. The exhaust manifolds are for an LS3. Also finally took the wiring harness off, and labeled as I went. Just have to figure out what needs to be stripped off of it.


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                This is when I found the jeep 2 years ago in a junk yard. It has a clean title since it had come in for a blown engine. Unfortunately they took the drivetrain, and steering column.


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                  After 2 year the other guy that bought it first from the junkyard never got around to fixing it up. I made him an offer a few times and he finally took it. My original plan was to drop the 6 cylinder xj motor he had into it. Seeing there was more support for the 5.3l I changed my mind


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                    The previous owner had stripped it down to the frame and axles, so that is where I am starting. The body is still at his house since I don't have room for it here yet. Had some rust problems with the transmission skid/mount plate. Decided to cut them out and weld in new nuts welded to plate.


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                      The motor is out of an 04 Avalanche 5.3L.

                      Transmission is out of a 2006 1500 4L60E.

                      Tranfer case is out of a 91 S10 NP231

                      Exhaust manifolds are from ebay listed for an LS3.

                      Had to get an adapter since the transfer case was 5 bolt compared the newer ones which are 6 bolt.

                      Ford 8.8 axle from a local u-pick it yard it has 4.10 gears, I think it came out to around $110. Changed the axle and pinion seals, along with new parking brakes.


                      • #41
                        Swapping out the rear axle. I think I have around $200 into the whole axle swap.


                        • #42
                          Finally got to set the engine and everything in. Definately need to work on getting the rear drive shaft cut, and a longer front drive shaft. Can't believe how short the rear one is.


                          • #43
                            I have to see about getting the body over to at least check clearance. Not sure how low the transmission and transfer case is supposed to sit since I never had a cross member for them to sit on and never saw how the original ones sat.


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                              You are going to need a sye for your 231 but I believe they are hard to find for the s10 231s. You could have gone with a 241.


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                                I have seen people who have said that one is needed, but correct me if I am wrong. Most people I have talked to about it state that the SYE is needed when you lift a jeep. CI have no plans of lifting this jeep and they said I would be fine without it.