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Need TJ Dana 35 rear differential

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  • Need TJ Dana 35 rear differential

    New To KC Jeep Club - need working 35 rear differential assembly and mounting hardware for 1999 Wrangler 2.5L 5sp tranny

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    Most of us deep six the dana 35 when we swap in a decent axle, but someone might still have one around !
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      Thanks. Let me know if you think of where I can find one for a reasonable price. I'm fixing this old TJ up for now - getting it roadable - and learning a bunch for an eventual build down the road. It appears I need a 4.11/1 ratio. Open to all suggestions.


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        Check for your rear axle. For what you are going to have to do anyways, might as well look into swapping another TJ axle underneath (D44) and have it regeared. Also, since you are going to swap in a rear axle, might as well look into upgrading too. 8.8 from an Explorer/Mountainer or a 8.25 from a XJ. You'll need to get mounts welded on before install.
        You can check with too. Look at the various jeep only forums that others have swapped them out.
        Good luck.

        Lnxa, KS


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          I've got a bolt-in TJ Dana 44 that would be great behind the 2.5. Needs geared to match your 4.10s but would be a big upgrade. PM me if you are interested.